Gerald Beldons Personal Credit with credit line

Gerald Beldons Personal Credit is a service that offers a credit card with a line of credit linked to your monthly income (the amount you can borrow). It’s easy to set up, easy to get, and comes from a trusted VIA SMS lender in partnership with electronic payment company Transact pro. In this article, let’s take a quick look at what you need to know if you want such a card. The card can be used anywhere in the world wherever MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Apply for a Savacard credit card

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SAVAcard works like any credit card with a credit line, but it can be easier to get and use. All you need to do is log in and verify! This is a credit card that will help you when your personal funds are running out! When your personal money runs out, use a credit line. The credit line is renewable – you repay us the money and it becomes available to you again. A single contract can be used multiple times.

What does Gerald Beldons Personal Credit give?

  1. This card allows you to use a credit line ranging from € 300 to € 1,500 and pay back gradually. You can use it as a cushion for travel, for example, or for everyday spending.
  2. You can also borrow – that is, use a credit card – for smaller amounts. For example, you could spend € 30 on one day, € 30 on the other, and repay the loan as agreed.
  3. You can get a card free of charge. This shall take place within two days of the request. The card is available 24 hours a day, and at least the website advertises that it will be available on January 1st – hence the holidays.
  4. Manage your card, view your used credit limit, view invoices, and change your invoice payment date online – just as you do with online banking, even a little easier.

The most important rules of Gerald Beldons Personal Credit

The credit limit (money available to you) is tied to your monthly income. This means that depending on your income, the company will give you a credit limit of between € 300 and € 1500. You will need regular income as well as a postal address to receive this shipment.

The card is delivered free of charge. Cash withdrawals at Swedbank ATMs cost 1% of the amount (minimum € 1) and at other ATMs 2% (minimum € 5). There is no commission for purchases. The card is issued when you have identified yourself by transferring € 0.01 to the account number indicated (as with instant credits).

Loan interest – 0.25% per day. The annual percentage rate of charge is thus 138.18%. The minimum payment for using the credit limit is 4% per month. Note that this card has its own “fine print” – although the home page mentions a minimum charge of 4% per month, it has a minimum charge of € 20 plus interest and a monthly service fee. So it’s a pretty expensive credit card.

Gerald Beldons Personal Credit or bank credit card?

When deciding whether to use a Gerald Beldons Personal Credit or a bank credit card, we can say straight away that the credit card will be cheaper at the bank, but rarely available to anyone – banks are known to rigorously assess their customers’ solvency, though it does not say. There is also a lot of “fine print” on the card – the minimum charge is € 20, but there is also a card service fee. Changing the invoice date is also possible only for a certain fee.

On the other hand, Gerald Beldons Personal Credit is a more accessible version than cards issued by banks and is much easier to obtain. The Gerald Beldons Personal Credit is essentially the same card issued by Latvian banks, with the proviso that it is a credit card and not a debit card accepted by most customers. Because it operates on the MasterCard network, it can be used worldwide by most service providers (those that accept MasterCard).

It should also be borne in mind that paying with a card at a slow rate will pay a huge amount of money as a percentage. For example, if you borrow € 500 and pay the minimum monthly amount, you should return a total of € 987.5 over two years. Although the monthly payment may seem small at first, over time, these payments can not only be frustrating, but can be very disruptive under difficult circumstances.