Long letter instead of short one

In a long letter to a friend Henry David Thoreau once stated that he apologized for writing a long letter since he did not have the time to write a short one.

Unlike Thoreau when writing a business letter they must be short, effective, well organized, and to the point. It sometimes takes more effort to write and short yet effective letter. Before writing the letter think about what you are going to say. There are three characteristics your letter should revolve around:

One or two main points with the important one first
Examples to support the point
A comment or two for each example


“ Dear (name),

“ Three investments need to be improved; software, training, and computers.

“Computers: Three additional computers will increase productivity. Two are needed in accounting and one is needed in personnel. These will help free up staff. We need computers for word processing since they include WordPerfect. Computer prices are low right now. If purchased within the next month you can save $1,500.

“Software: We need additional software programs including (state the name of the programs and why they are needed)

“Training: The third item we need to invest in is training. (gives reasons why employees need additional training and what training options are being requested).”

The writer needs to end the letter by stating the next steps to be taken.

If you are able to keep the letter to a three point limit and backing up each point with one or two sentences writing effective letters will get easier. Your reader will find them faster to read and easier to understand.