Writing tips!

Here are some quick legal writing tips that you will find useful:

First, know your audience. Think about who will be reading your writing and tailor it accordingly. If you are submitting papers to a Federal District Court, for example, be precise and thorough because every word will be read. But if you are writing for a busy New York City trial court, be as concise as possible without sacrificing clarity.

Second, avoid common writing mistakes. Don’t use then when you mean than or vice versa. Then denotes a time sequence. It indicates an action or event that will immediately follow. For example, “we ate dinner and then slept”. Than is used for comparisons. For example, “Algebra is harder than Geometry.”

Third, use apostrophes correctly. The plural of subpoena is not subpoena’s but subpoenas. It’s is a contraction for “it is”. Its on the other hand indicates possession. We should write “It’s a good case” not “its a good case”.

Of course, the above is just a tiny sample of some common writing mistakes to get you started. Please continue honing your writing skills. As lawyers, clear communication in speech and writing is crucial to our success.