If writing is something you love to do, you would think that coming up with creative writing ideas would be easy. Sometimes it’s not difficult for you to think of something great to write about. But sometimes, writer’s block can prohibit your abilities to let your creative juices flow. Writer’s block is commonly thought of as that annoying lack of creativity you get when you’re working on a blog, short story or novel and can’t think of what to write about. To reduce the chances of writer’s block, you’ll need to do a few exercises to come up with writing subject matter before you start your next project.

If you like fiction works and are looking for a few creative ideas, it may be a good idea to try writing short stories. Attempt to write, even if you thin your ideas aren’t the best. If the story turns out bad, it’s OK because you didn’t spend an extensive amount of time on the short story. On the other hand, you may find that the “dumb” idea you thought you had has turned into a great story.

For specific ideas, search around you. Pay attention to people around you. Try to listen to their conversations. If it’s interesting, maybe you could write about it? Pick a area you know well, maybe at school, work, or a favorite destination and build a story with it. You could use one room in a building you know well and create a whole story about it. You could use the people you meet and know as your characters, or only use their situations. It is your choice.

If you want to find specific ideas for your story, just look around you. Observe the people around you and try to catch bits and pieces of their conversations. You can also write a short story based on your dreams. Write your dreams down so you’ll remember the important details as you’re creating your story.

It’s also a good idea to use your past experiences as inspiration for your short story. Think about the things that have happened to you, and how interesting this information would be to other readers.

Remember to be patient with yourself when you’re trying to get over writer’s block and come up with an engaging story. Even if you don’t feel that your idea is the best, keep going with it to complete your thoughts and create what could be a quality written work.