October 8, 2021

Beginning of e-learning course for 197 school administrators and teachers

The Ministry of Education has started training 197 school administrators and teachers from three high schools to learn skills through an online education course.

The ministry said yesterday that the training is being organized to expand the skills and knowledge of school administrators and teachers on how to use the internet to effectively deliver quality online courses according to ministry standards.

He also indicated that the training program is created through an education sector development project in Cambodia with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The training that started online yesterday will continue until Wednesday.

The virtual training launch ceremony took place yesterday in the presence of Dy Samsideth, Deputy Director General of the Education Department, and Sok Tha, President of the IT Department.

At the launch, Samsideth said that the capacity building of educational staff should be continuously developed for themselves, their families, society, especially to share their knowledge with students.

He also said that the goal of capacity building development is to make teachers a competent human resource because learning is always a lifelong process.

According to the ministry, in the new digital context, all teachers must develop their ability to use information technology and digital material in teaching with innovative methods.

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