October 8, 2021

Future of Afghanistan Discussed in Free UOW Online Webinar | Illawarra Mercury

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Having been in direct talks with high-ranking Taliban in the past, Professor Theo Farrell is well placed to host a live conference on the collapse of the international effort in Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban. The Assistant Vice Chancellor (Education) of Wollongong University will offer his unique perspective on the war in Afghanistan during tomorrow’s free webinar. Professor Farrell is a leading academic expert on the war in Afghanistan who served as an adviser to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) command in Kabul. He is also the author of Unwinnable: Britain’s War in Afghanistan 2001-2014 (Penguin Random House 2017). The book draws on his first-hand experience on the ground in Afghanistan, as well as extensive access to classified documents, hundreds of interviews with senior coalition and Taliban leaders, former Afghans and leaders. coalition policies, supported by a full historical analysis dating back to Britain’s First Afghan War in 1864. Professor Farrell spoke to the Mercury last month after the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15. Since then, a mass evacuation effort has taken place to get Western citizens and Afghans most threatened by the Taliban out of the country. Read more: Wollongong refugees fear Taliban have launched their “campaign of pain” against Afghanistan As the war in Afghanistan finally comes to an end after 20 years, many questions remain. Professor Farrell also wonders aloud if the Taliban will keep their promises. The Taliban said they would respect women’s rights, allow them to work and girls to go to school. He also said he would never again allow al Qaeda or any other jihadist group to attack the West from Afghan soil. Time will tell if the Taliban keep their word, but the way forward remains uncertain for Afghanistan, but it was clear to Professor Farrell that the international community cannot turn away from Afghanistan. Read more: Glenn Kolomeitz, a former defender of Gerroa, pleads for Afghan personnel to be repatriated to Australia “Afghanistan remains a very poor and underdeveloped country. It depends a lot on Western aid, ”said Professor Farrell. “The World Food Program has warned that millions of Afghans are at risk of starving to death due to the effects of the conflict for many years, the COVID crisis currently in Afghanistan, and also a drought that is impacting harvests. ” The free online webinar on the future of Afghanistan begins at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 7. Click here to join. Read more: Barilaro reports Illawarra-Shoalhaven as ‘area of ​​concern’ Illawarra Mercury news app is now officially live on iOS and Android devices. It is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play.


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