October 8, 2021

Online webinar at the Stained Glass Museum: England’s oldest stained glass window

Join the Stained Glass Museum for our Fall 2021 Lecture Series: Dating Nathan: The Oldest Stained Glass Window in England? Lecture given by Laura Ware Adlington

This summer, stained glass made headlines as new scientific research confirmed that four figures in Canterbury Cathedral’s “Ancestors Series” predate the fire of 1174, as argued for the first time stained glass historian Madeline Caviness in 1987. Dr Laura Ware Adlington was one of them. leading scientists involved in this research, who used a few well-measured heavy trace elements and a 3D printed prop for a pXRF spectrometer that facilitated in situ analysis of the glass, leading to the conclusion that the glass was in fact dated to c.1130-60 and therefore are among the oldest stained glass windows in the United Kingdom.

Laura’s talk will present these techniques and the results of this important research, recently published in an article co-authored with Professor Ian Freestone and Leonie Seliger. The scientific findings will be explained and placed in the context of what we know about the development of Canterbury Cathedral and its extensive medieval glazing schemes, revealing exciting possibilities for future analysis of medieval glass.

Dr Laura Ware Adlington is a materials scientist who specializes in the use of elemental analysis to study historical and archaeological materials, particularly glass. She is currently a Technical Specialist for Strainoptics, North Wales, USA. She obtained her PhD in Archaeological Materials Science at the Institute of Archeology at UCL in 2019, after which she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research in Orléans, France.

Tickets for this online webinar cost £ 5 for general admission or £ 4 for Friends of SGM. No booking fees apply.

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